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Decorative Cushions

Available in both traditional and modern styles, decorative cushions are a popular accessory which will add an instant design flourish to any room in the home. Many items can be selected from simple cushion covers and complete cushions with inners (usually cotton, down or fibre) to slimline cushion pads or seat cushions to add an extra layer of comfort to kitchen seating.

Home Comforts

A standard sized cushion is usually 18 x 18”, however, decorative cushions can be purchased across a range of sizes from 16 x 24” to oversized 24 x 24” items and beyond. Many decorative cushions are also available in different shapes including square, round, rectangular and even heart shapes and colourful novelty shapes, ideal for nurseries or children’s rooms.

Perfect Bedfellows

Long and narrow bolster cushions will enhance décor and add a touch of luxury to a bedroom as well as providing firmer arm or back support to a chair or sofa. Add decorative cushions such as this to a ‘pillowscape’ by choosing an assortment of different sized or shaped cushions featuring interesting textures and prints to tie in with your room’s accent colour. Many choices are available so that you can create your own look and feature embellishments such as sequins, beading and damask or brocade designs in materials including cotton, silks and satin to leather and suede.

Portable Seating

Oversized floor cushions create handy instant seating which can be moved around the home as and when needed. These sink-into beauties are perfect for sitting rooms and teenage bedrooms and provide comfortable areas to eat, watch TV, play games or to simply stretch out and relax. Several floor cushions in bright colours or interesting prints positioned around a rug can make an attractive centrepiece to a room and offer the illusion of space in smaller rooms.

In addition, doughnut cushions have a ‘carry anywhere’ appeal. These padded cushions are designed for use in a home office, garden or even car when that extra layer of comfort is needed.