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Diecast Dioramas

Three dimensional models which are made using the diecast process and are based on different scenes, places, rooms and garages are known as diecast dioramas. These dioramas look fantastic and are often used to display diecast scale models, such as diecast vehicles. They can make for a very special alternative to a standard display case , cabinet or shelf.

Diecast garages

There are plenty of diecast garage dioramas available to choose from, some include vehicles to display in the garage. These included vehicles can be a mixture of vehicle makes and models, or a collection of only those which will match the specific intended theme of the diorama, such as a garage filled with diecast Ferraris or Jaguars.

These garage dioramas are often highly detailed items, which look just like miniature versions of real garages. They often feature realistic looking wall and brickwork designs, smooth car friendly floors and even garage tools, accessories and wall hangings.

Outdoor scenes, frontages and gas stations

There are a number of innovative and beautifully detailed outdoor diorama scenes to be found, often featuring frontages or set in the exteriors of places such as petrol stations. These dioramas can be displayed on their own or put together to build interesting and realistic displays for model vehicle collections.

The background scenery featured in these outdoor and petrol station dioramas can be found in both three dimensional and two dimensional varieties. Of course, the diorama itself is three dimensional, but its background may consist of either physically modelled backdrop scenery or illustrated boards that surround one or more edges of the diorama model.

Both can look great, with the three dimensional providing a great sense of realism and depth and the two dimensional making for a versatile and sometimes exchangeable backdrop. The backdrop can be adjusted to suit the style of diecast vehicles to be displayed and the particular scene which is to be created.

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