Diecast Farm Vehicles

Collect models of tractors and equipment with diecast farm vehicles. Some diecast models are made to be used as toys, whereas others are aimed towards collectors. From older models to depictions of more advanced technologies, diecast farm vehicles come in different styles and sizes.

The die casting method uses molten metal pushed into a mould under high pressure to make a model. The models are made from metal but often have details made from other materials such as plastic, rubber or glass.

Classic tractor models include the Country 1884 Vintage, a blue limited edition model. Produced by Universal Hobbies, this tractor is a great collectors piece as it’s available brand new and in the box. Another collectible model is the Ferguson 70th Anniversary set, commemorating two classic farming vehicles.

Perfect for the patriotic collector, Britains JCB 3CX Union Jack Model is a highly sought after collectible. This model is brand new and in it’s box, making it even more desirable. The Union Jack print on the tractor itself adds a touch of style and patriotism.

If you’re looking to recreate a modern farm scene, then various contemporary units are available. The Siku Wirtgen Cold Planer machine features a moveable conveyor and rotating and steering tracks.

For those looking to bring their diecast farm vehicles to life, a six piece set of tractor drivers is also available. Each in different colours, these drivers add yet another touch of detail to your model set.

Add a Wiking Claas Liner Hay Turner onto your favourite diecast tractor to create an even more believable scene. Various other accessories fit onto farm vehicles, including a Browns Flat 8 bale grab.

To help your model farm work more efficiently, model quad bikes with a rider are available, adding yet another fine detail to your farming scene.