Diecast Tanks and Military Vehicles

Diecast vehicles have been produced for decades and are popular collectable items, as well as robust and timeless toys. For the little action heroes or little soldiers in your lives, diecast tanks and military vehicles should keep them happy and entertained. As well as designs and range of vehicles, there is a huge range of scales to know about when it comes to diecast toys. The most popular for military vehicles sits between 1:48 and 1:72, but there are a wealth of sizes on the diecast vehicle market.

Diecasting method

This method of toy making was first used in the early 1830's and is still very popular to this day. The process involves pouring molten metal into an individually designed vehicle mould, meaning this method of production makes for robust and durable toys, which stand the test of time.

Lead was originally used but due to the health impact, this has since changed and aluminium and tin tend to be used. Rubber, plastic and glass also form the make up of perfectly detailed diecast vehicles.


There are lots of different diecast tanks and military vehicles to choose from, which means they vary in brand and age. Some of the manufacturers include Corgi , Solido and Dinky.


Dinky's range of diecast military vehicles and tanks is vast and all are immaculately detailed. Ranging from small, open topped cars to long troop carriers and even artillery attachments. They produce historic tanks from the armies of all nationalities.


Corgi is a very popular and well-known brand that has provided a number of different military vehicles, including military half trucks from the US army and WW1 centenary tanks. These are perfect vehicles for collectors and vehicle enthusiasts who specialise in WW1 and army specific collections.


Solido are a French manufacturing company that specialises in making diecast model cars and trucks. They have frequently segued into military themed vehicles.

There are many different types of military vehicles available for you to choose from which include tanks, trucks, cars, aeroplanes and helicopters.

Whether they are intended to be used in play or as collectable items, these highly detailed and durable toys are perfect. Invest in some display cases if you want to display them in a collection or as ornamental items. Fire up your child's imagination with a number of different WWI or WWII vehicles or even some tanks based on the modern military.