Transform Your Film Camera with a Digital Back

Digital camera backs make it possible to use large and medium format film camera bodies to take digital images. They can be used with most cameras and can extend the life of your camera significantly. You can find a wide range of new and used digital camera backs on eBay. 

What is a digital camera back? 

Digital camera backs are essentially CCD sensors that can be mounted onto the back of cameras. The device is placed where the film negative would normally go and doesn’t require any modifications to the camera body. A digital camera back enables the camera to be used as both a digital and film camera. 

Is the image resolution of a digital camera back good? 

Yes, many digital camera backs use high-resolution CMOS sensors to capture images in rich detail. Camera backs maintain or slightly improve image quality when used with most medium and large format film cameras. Most digital backs capture images that are suitable for large-format printing. 

Can a digital back be used with any camera? 

Digital backs can be used with most SLR film cameras. There are digital backs available for standard, medium, and large format cameras. You can find more information on the compatibility of a digital back with your specific camera from the manufacturer's website. 

Is it easy to use a digital camera back? 

Yes, a digital camera back is very easy to use. Once the back has been mounted onto the camera, the camera functions in the same way a digital camera does. The familiarity of the user interface and settings system of most digital backs make them easy to use. 

What are the typical features that can be found in a digital back? 

Digital backs have a wide variety of features, including:  

  • Large format sensor: Most digital camera backs feature a large CMOS sensor that can capture images in high-resolution.
  • Simple user interface: The electronic features of the digital camera back can be controlled via the unit’s LCD screen.
  • Versatility: Digital camera backs are very versatile and can be used with a wide range of cameras.
  • Cooled sensor: Some digital camera backs are equipped with cooling systems that allow for extended exposure times without the risk of overheating the image sensor.
  • Ease of use: Digital camera backs are easy to use by both professional and novice photographers.