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Digital8 Camcorder

Sony manufactures a variety of consumer electronic products including laptops, tablets and televisions. They also have developed a range of video camcorders for capturing your most important memories. Amongst these camcorders are the Digital8 camcorder, which uses high quality film to capture and process moving images.

Features and benefits of Sony camcorders

Sony camcorders typically feature deep zoom capabilities using true optical zoom, with some camcorders featuring optical zoom depths of up to 30x optical zoom, extended zooms up to 60x and digital zoom capabilities up to 990x. Additionally, these camcorders ensure that the image quality isn't lost and maintains the quality using exceptional image stabilisation.

Some Sony camcorders come with autofocus lock (AF) which helps in the tracking of moving subjects by locking on to them. This feature will then change the target's frame size in line with your subject's own characteristics, ensuring the size and proportionality of the various elements in the shot are maintained.

Sony camcorders feature support for multiple input and output types, so you can connect your camcorder to an external device to download or upload video to and from your Sony camcorder. Input types include HDMI, one of the universal standards for data transfer, which delivers very fast data transfer rates. They also typically feature micro USB ports, which enable you to connect a variety of peripherals such as mobiles and smartphones and external hard disk drives for moving data to and from these devices.

Camcorders made by Sony

One Digital8 Camcorder made by Sony is the DCR-TRV270E. This camcorder provides all the essential functions you need to capture your most important moments. This camcorder features a 37mm diameter lens with a deep 20x optical zoom, allowing you to focus in on specific details in a scene, such as your child's face as they blow out the candles on their birthday cake. Importantly, this zoom depth will enable you maintain the quality of the image you are capturing without distortion or blurriness that can occur from zooming in too far.

The Sony Compact Handycam also uses Digital8 technology with optical zoom up to 25x. This Sony camcorder enables you to record your video directly onto a memory stick making it quick, easy and convenient to transfer your video to another device. There is also a night shot mode which is optimised to capture video even in low light conditions.

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