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Artificial Insemination Kit Dog Whelping Supplies

Primarily designed for dog breeders, an artificial insemination kit allows you to inseminate your dog without having to mate her. 

One of the main reasons this may be necessary is if the sire (the father) of the puppies is separated from the dam (the mother) by location. So you can still match your desired breeding lines, even without the dogs actually ever meeting in the flesh.

These kits come in a variety of types and are made by multiple brands. Some of them include a large range of tools and implements, while others consist of the basic things necessary, such as syringes and gloves.

Types of Artificial Insemination Kit Whelping Supplies

  • Full artificial insemination kit – includes a full range of accessories that may be necessary for use during the whelping insemination process. This may include syringes, lubricating jelly, surgical gloves etc
  • Insemination syringes – a surgical device for inseminating the dam, much like other medical syringes.
  • Rounded tip syringes – these are designed to ease the insemination process, allowing for a non-traumatic procedure.
  • Lubricating jelly – to ease the passage of the artificial insemination syringes.
  • Insemination tubes – for transporting the artificial semen and inserting it into the syringe.
  • Surgical gloves – a necessity for keeping your hands away from the process so you don’t interfere. Also keeps things sterile during the insemination process.
  • Semen collecting sleeves – watertight sleeves that form a kind of ‘cuff’ for the sire (father of the puppies), in order to collect the semen for insemination of the dam (mother of the puppies).

Benefits of Artificial Insemination Whelping Supplies

  • Safety – some inexperienced sires (fathers) can damage the dam (mother). Using artificial insemination prevents this from happening.
  • Hygienic – similar to a hospital’s maternity ward, everything is kept clean.
  • Location – a very common reason for artificial insemination whelping is when the mother (dam) and father (sire) are far apart geographically. Using the artificial insemination whelping it allows you to inseminate the dam with the sire’s semen, without the two dogs actually having to meet up in the flesh.
  • Pain free – as well as helping avoid the possibility of an inexperienced sire hurting the dam somehow, the use of the artificial insemination kits allows the process to be painless as easily managed by the dog breeder.
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