Dog Beds

Dog beds are a great way of providing a beloved pet with a comfortable place to sleep. They come in a huge range of styles, colours and materials.

What kind of dog bed is best for my pet?

Before buying the bed, it's a good idea to look at where a pet normally sleeps or rests. Does he or she like cushions , the sofa, a cardboard box even, or maybe they like the feel of a cold kitchen floor? All pets are different, so when it comes to choosing a dog bed, think about getting something that is as similar as possible to the place where the pet feels most comfortable.

Benefits of plastic dog beds

A large selection of plastic dog beds are available. These are a popular style for a number of key reasons. Plastic is a convenient material as it's waterproof, easy to clean and can be bought in most colours.

Some dogs may just sleep in the plastic bed without any cushions or blankets . Other pets may need favourite soft items to make them feel comfortable.

Other types of dog beds

Various other styles of dog beds are available. Basket dog beds made from various materials are a popular choice and they often come with or without fitted cushions. Most dog beds will be machine washable or have removable covers that can be washed.

Round or doughnut shaped dog beds are a common option for many dogs, as with basket style ones. These come in cushioned and non cushioned varieties and are available in various colours.

What size dog bed should I buy?

With all dog beds, it's important to buy the size that bests suits a particular pet. Certain dogs like to be very snug and cosy when sleeping, so think about how much extra room they'll need to feel comfortable. Dog bed sizes will generally range from small through to extra large with all standard sizes in between.

Some big dogs like smaller beds, and some small dogs like a lot of room. It's all about the needs of the individual pet.

Cleaning and care of dog beds

Dog beds should be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene. With plastic ones, this is pretty straightforward as they will just wipe down. Sometimes, it will be worth using hot water and washing up liquid to give the dog bed a thorough clean.

With dog beds made from different materials, it's important to check any cleaning instructions and whether they are machine washable before laundering them. For most dog beds the covers will be removable making it easier to keep the items clean.

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