Dog Odour & Stain Removal

Dog odour and stain removal products are useful for dog owners who need a product to help them eliminate their dog’s smell, or to help remove stains the dog creates on soft furnishings and soft surfaces in the home.

Different Types Of Dog Odour And Stain Removal Products

There are various different types of dog odour and stain removal products:

  • Hair removers - Although vacuum cleaners generally remove a large amount of dog hair, additional tools like hair removers may be used to help get deeply embedded hair out of the carpet or furniture. Products like this are usually made from rubber and have specially designed grippy nodules to collect hair.
  • Stain & Odour removers - These solutions are designed to work on the majority of surfaces and materials in the home, commonly containing ingredients that break down pet urine and work to completely eliminate odours left behind by the pet.
  • Carpet powder - used according to the manufacturer's instructions, absorbing the stain and odour left by the pet, before the powder is hoovered away after a specified time.
  • Kennel disinfectant - designed for outdoor concrete kennels, or larger dog housing areas. The solution is applied to the pet odour or stain area before being rinsed away.
  • Spray - An odour remover and stain remover spray is designed to be applied 'as and when' by owners with easy spray on application.
  • Lawn repair - These kits are designed to help with urine burns on grass created by dogs repeatedly urinating on a certain patch of the lawn.

The Benefits Of Dog Odour & Stain Removal Products

  • Odour remover products help homes remain fresh and clean, free from strong dog odours
  • The home aesthetics can remain appealing as these products help keep furniture and flooring in good condition
  • Odour remover products help discourage dogs from eliminating where they shouldn't
  • Hygiene is maintained for both the dog and dog owners as dog mess is removed from the given area

Using Dog Odour and Stain Removal Products Safely

In all cases, owners should refer to manufacturer's instructions as to how to use any given dog odour and stain removal product. 

Certain materials like wool may not be suitable for use with certain products. There are also likely to be specific safety instructions along with dog odour and stain removal products.