Dog Ramps & Stairs 

Let your dog gain access to those difficult to reach places with a dog ramp or dog stairs. It might be that your dog is a puppy or quite small, so finds it difficult to get into the back of the car or onto the sofa. 

Maybe they have been ill or are simply not as sprightly as they once were – which is where they’ll benefit from a ramp or set of stairs to help them on their way.

Ramps and Stairs

  • Ramp – usually wooden or plastic, these are often foldable and allow your dog to walk easily up a narrow slope to its destination.
  • Stairs – foldable or solid, in a variety of sizes, these are very suitable for keeping indoors – for instance, to allow your dog to access its favourite chair for sleeping on.

Types of Dog Ramp and Stairs

  • Wooden ramp – traditional wood design, can be foldable for storage or portability.
  • Plastic ramp – easy to clean and usually foldable.
  • Slip free ramp – these come with slip free elements to prevent your dog sliding backwards down the ramp.
  • Folding stairs – gives your dog some steps to climb, rather than the flat surface of a ramp. Folding them allows them to be stored or carried with you.
  • Lightweight stairs – easy to move around the house or to transport with you when travelling.
  • Carpeted stairs – with a carpet surface for your dog’s comfort.

Benefits of Dog Ramps and Stairs

  • Injury free – removes the risk of your dog injuring themselves attempting to jump up to a place they can’t easily reach.
  • Safe – allows your dog to get down from a high place without the risk of falling.
  • Clean – stops your dog from scrabbling and scratching to try and get a foothold to lift themselves up to the sofa or back of the car.
  • Portable – many dog ramps or sets of stairs can be carried with you to allow your dog to enjoy climbing up to things when you’re on holiday or away from home. Some versions come with their own carry case.
  • Stylish – you can find different types of ramp or stairs that may well match the decoration of your home.