Dog Signs & Plaques 

Dog signs and plaques come in a variety of styles and sizes, with many different types of message featured on them. 

Some people wish to display a “beware of the dog” sign, whilst for others there’s more of a comedy element, or even some kind of memorial. Materials vary from plastic to brass.

Types of Dog Sign and Plaque

  • Car window sticker – a plastic or vinyl sticker for the inside window of your car, indicating there is a dog on board or some other suitable message.
  • Beware of the dog – a classic message that even features in the ruins of Pompeii - where the Latin words “cave canem” were found inscribed, a literal translation of which being “beware of the dog”.
  • Wooden dog signs – for hanging outside or inside, with multiple messages possible.
  • Pre written messages – as well as the classic “beware of the dog”, there are many other pre written messages to choose from, such as “Jack Russell on board”, “Caution – Dogs Running Free” etc.
  • Personalised messages – there are many types of dog sign or plaque that allow you to personalise your own message. For example, you may wish to record the name of your dog.
  • Metal signs or plaques – another classic type of sign, these are usually designed for outdoor use and come in a variety of metals, such as aluminium or brass.
  • Slate signs or plaques – as with the metal variety, signs or plaques made of slate are usually designed for outdoor use.
  • Security signs – based on the familiar yellow warning signs. Usually placed outside to warn intruders.
  • Comedy signs – to indicate you have a sense of humour. Often these are also combined with a serious ‘beware of the dog’ message.
  • Memorial signs – often personalised with your departed dog’s name.

Benefits of Dog Signs

  • Security – makes people aware you have a dog on the premises, which may deter unwanted visitors.
  • Comedy – can display a sense of humour about your dog and its relationship in your life.
  • Memorial – allows you to remember and pay tribute to a departed dog.

Caring for your Dog Sign or Plaque

  • Washing – most signs can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Polishing – some of the metal signs, such as the brass ones, may require polishing to look their best.