Dog Strollers

Whether your dog is recuperating from an injury, gets into trouble with other dogs in the park or is a frequent traveller, dog strollers can serve many purposes and have numerous benefits for pets and their owners.

Choose your dog stroller from leading brands such as Pet Gear, Ancol, KONG and Flexi.

Types of Dog Strollers

Dog strollers are designed in the same way as baby prams and pushchairs, with a solid metal frame, carrycot or seat and a waterproof hood. They'll keep your dog safe and warm no matter what's going on around them.

Four-wheel dog strollers are the most common and have a range of carriers in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Most include mesh front panels which can be left open or zipped all the way up so your dog can't escape. Some carriers are detachable and can be unclipped from the frame for easy transportation, while other strollers are easily folded when not in use.

If your dog has trouble keeping up or you'd just like them to sit back and take in the fresh air, there are several types of dog stroller suited to sports activity.

If you're an active owner and like taking long walks or runs with your dog, a 3-wheel jogging stroller could be a good option. The lightweight design and 3-wheel configuration will enable you to take on all types of terrain.

There are other dog strollers that more closely resemble the type of pet carrier you may be used to taking your dog to the vet in. Choose from the same mesh fabrics and plastic designs, with the addition of wheels on the underside.

Dog Stroller Accessories

Depending on the type of dog stroller you choose you'll find a range of accessories that can increase the comfort of you and your dog. Opt for rain covers to keep your dog dry and storage bags that will make transporting food, toys and other essentials a walk in the park.