Doll's Clothing and Accessories

There is a wide variety of doll's clothing and accessories available which can be purchased as new or used items that are suitable for children, collectors and crafters alike. Categories include fashion, character and play dolls, artist and handmade dolls, rag and cloth dolls, baby dolls and accessories plus many other items for doll making and repair.

Dolls for Play

Fashion, character and play dolls are available in selections which feature many character dolls and accessories to play with every day and also include clothing and shoes, pets and animals, vehicles, houses and furniture. Cuddly rag and cloth dolls are also available in soft-touch fabrics with cute embroidered outfits and make ideal gifts for little ones. Rag and cloth dolls can also be purchased from handmade, vintage and antique selections.

Handmade Dolls

Artist and handmade dolls are hugely popular as collectibles for both children and adults alike. Artist and handmade dolls crafted from silicon are increasingly popular with adult collectors for their soft touch and ‘life-like' feel. These silicone dolls are often designed as newborn babies with ultra-realistic expressions and poses.

Vintage Dolls

Popular as collectibles, many doll's clothing and accessories feature vintage dolls from different eras made from hard plastic, vinyl, plastic, cloth, celluloid and composite materials. Antique dolls made from porcelain, bisque, cloth, wood and even wax feature many fully jointed antique dolls exquisitely dressed in garments of the period. Alternatively, there are selections of modern-day reproduction dolls which can be purchased alongside many different period style outfits.

Doll Making

If you are a crafter with a talent for doll making you will find a huge range of doll making and repair parts available. These include doll components such as wigs, heads, teeth, eyelashes and hair plus various stands and posing accessories to display your finished pieces.