Dolls' Houses

When it comes to dolls' houses, there is as much choice as there is in the real housing market, with everything from grand mansions to simple structures, traditional architecture to modern homes. This means that everyone can enjoy miniature fun, from small children to serious model makers.

Collectors Dolls' Houses

At the top end of the scale, you'll find luxury collectors' dolls' houses that are hand built, furnished and finished in the most exquisite detail. These are often modelled on well known properties from the real world and come complete with everything from electric lights to stained glass windows, working chimneys to real roof tiles. This style of dolls' house is designed to be treasured and admired, rather than played with.

Dolls' Houses for Everyday Use

At the other end of the market, you'll find robust dolls' houses, made from plastic or wood, which are built to be played with on a daily basis. These homes are often linked to popular dolls, such as Barbie and Ken, or Bratz, and will be scaled to suit. Alternatively, you can buy scale model families to populate your dolls' house and bring it to life.

Many styles of dolls' house, especially the more expensive ones, are designed to sit on a table to keep them out of harm's way. However, the more interactive, larger models, designed for everyday play, will usually sit on the floor and can be as tall as the child that is playing with them.

Dolls' House Furniture

Buying a dolls' house is often just the start of the fun. Just like a real home, you can enjoy decorating and furnishing your dolls' house, with endless possibilities available on eBay. You can choose furniture, fixtures and fittings and even appliances, all scaled perfectly to fit your dolls' house. You can add to your collection as you go along, creating a real family heirloom to pass on for the next generation to enjoy.

Top Products in Dolls' Houses

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