Drawstring Bags

Pack Up Your Troubles in a Drawstring Bag

A drawstring bag makes an easy, convenient, and comfortable way to carry your stuff around. Whether its to hold a change of clothes for the gym or a spare pair of shoes for muddy walks, these bags can quickly become essential travelling companions. Look through listings on eBay to discover many styles and varieties at affordable prices.

What materials can drawstring bags me made from?

For smaller bags which are intended to carry light loads, cotton makes a good choice. Cotton bags are likely to be easy to clean and are often machine washable. Theyre also comfortable against the skin. If youre looking for something more rustic, consider a hessian or jute drawstring bag. The fabric of these is generally slightly thicker, with a distinctly textured feel to the material. If youre after a bag that can stand up to poor weather conditions, there are waterproof bags made of nylon, which are often able to fold up extremely small when empty for easy storage in a pocket.

How can you make your bag feel more individual?

Some people may prefer to use a plain drawstring bag, perhaps in a simple, bright shade. However, you may be looking for ways to mark your bag out from other, similar ones. If thats you, then think about:

  • Lettering: Some bags can be personalised with words or short phrases, so you could include your name, nickname, or a favourite quote on the side.
  • Pattern: You could think about looking for options to add a check, polka dot, or striped pattern to your bag for that extra touch of individuality.
  • Badging: If youre thinking of getting a set of bags for your sports team or youth group, you may be able to get its logo embroidered or printed on the bag.
  • Strap style: Wide straps can be more comfortable when carried on your shoulders, but narrow ones may be more convenient and make the bag easier to store.
What pockets can you look for in a drawstring bag?

A bag with plenty of pockets can prove invaluable, especially if you take it out regularly. If you want to store electronic equipment such as mobile phones or power banks, look for bags with secure inside pockets and perhaps a waterproof lining. Pouches with zip fastenings will hold items particularly well, though you may prefer the quickness and convenience of Velcro or poppers. Remember that a pockets internal dimensions will be slightly smaller than its external measurements, and for precise sizes check the manufacturer site for details.