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Stop Carrying Two Devices and Use a Dual-SIM Active Phone

A dual-SIM active phone keeps both of your SIM cards active, unlike a dual-SIM standby phone. This means you don't need to bother about which SIM card to prioritise because both of your numbers will always remain reachable. Visit eBay and choose from a wide selection of dual-SIM active phones available, including new and pre-owned devices.

How does 'active' functionality work?

In a typical dual-SIM standby phone, there is one receiver which serves both of the cards. Time-sharing algorithms are implemented in the software to achieve this functionality. On the other hand, dual-SIM active phones have two receivers which are each dedicated to a single SIM. This means when a SIM is being used for a call, the other card is still reachable. When a call comes through on your other card, you will receive a notification based on the software implementation of your device.

How does VoLTE shuffle up things?

Several carriers have been rolling out voice over LTE (VoLTE) services for their subscribers. VoLTE employs a 4G LTE network to provide voice calling functionality. This means, if implemented properly, the call does not need exclusive access to the receiver on the phone. This enables dual-SIM standby Android phones to function like DSA phones while making VoLTE voice calls. If a call comes through on the other SIM card, the incoming call notification works just like a dual-SIM active phone.

Can you buy a dual-SIM active feature phone?

Dual-SIM active technology isn’t a recent development, nor was introduced only for smartphone devices. There are many feature phones and basic devices available that you can choose from that support dual-SIM active technology. If you need two active SIMs only for the purpose of making calls and sending text messages, feature phones can offer excellent value.

What are the benefits of a DSA phone?

Besides being able to use the device with two unique carrier plans, such as one card for calls and the other for mobile data, DSA devices offer other benefits as well.

  • You can select the SIM with a stronger network signal when you want to make a call.
  • The combined memory of two SIM cards provides more space to store your contacts.
  • The secondary SIM slot can also be used to place an external card if your dual-SIM phone comes with a hybrid SIM setup.
  • You can easily transfer data between your two SIMs.