Create Amusing Games or Pull Some Pranks Using Dummy Mobile Phones

A dummy mobile can be a nice toy for your small child to play with, or it can provide a good way to pull your own pranks on friends and family. You can browse through the wide selection of dummy mobiles on eBay to see the brands, styles, and patterns of devices you might want. Once you know a few characteristics of dummy phones, it'll be easier to find the toy mobiles that match your needs.

Types of dummy mobiles you can buy

These are the main types of dummy mobile phones that you can find on eBay:

  • Flip - These dummy mobile phone products have a front panel that flips up to reveal the screen and the keypad. If you want a toy that has tactile action for a child, this might be a good choice for you. This type also works well as an old mobile phone for jokes.
  • Bar - The bar style of dummy mobile resembles the standard smartphones that you might be familiar with. If you want an imitation mobile that matches some of the contemporary designs, this product might be a good option.
Can you get dummy mobile phones styled after different brands?

Yes, you can find cheap dummy phones that imitate models from many brands in the technology sphere. Here is just a sampling of some of the brands you can find:

  • Sony - A few of the dummy phones for Sony Ericsson models include the Satio and the X10.
  • Apple - You can get an Apple dummy for such models as the iPhone 6S Plus or the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Samsung - Samsung dummy mobiles might include the S6, S7, or S8 Galaxy Alpha models.
  • LG - If you want to get a replica LG dummy phone, you can choose from models such as the GB220, Slide, and G3.
Common features of dummy phones

Although a dummy mobile is designed for use as a toy or prank item, you can find some models that may have interactive features. Here are some of the main things that might be included with your mobile:

  • Sounds - Some dummy phones can make noises that are just like their real counterparts. These sound effects might come from the keypad and support ringing or imitation voice messaging.
  • Lights - The keys and other buttons on some of these new and secondhand dummy phones can light up when pressed. Some screens might also have a set list of images that can appear when the phone is active.