Spring into Action in a Cute Easter Bunny Costume

When it comes to having fun with the kids at Easter, there's nothing to put everyone in the mood quite like an Easter bunny costume. Looking through the inexpensive, fun ideas you'll find listed on eBay, you're sure to find something to fill you with the joys of spring. Whether it's a simple pair of bunny ears or a full mascot outfit, you'll be hopping mad to miss them!

What materials work well for these costumes?

You'll only enjoy acting as the Easter Bunny if you're comfortable, so check size and fit details carefully. These can differ between brands, so check the manufacturer's site for details. Clip-on ears are often simply two pieces of fluffy cloth attached to a plastic or elastic headband; plastic wires can sometimes be bent slightly for an even better fit. Skirts and shorts are frequently made from either cotton or polyester, which are comfortable and easy to wash. Full-body mascot suits are sometimes simply polyester, but others may feature cotton filling or velvet trim. Velcro fastenings are common, and are quick and easy to fasten and undo.

What Easter Bunny outfits are most comfortable?

This is very much a case of personal preference. The more all-enveloping an Easter Bunny costume is, the more care you'll need to take that it fits you perfectly. With full-body suits, look to see how they allow for keeping cool, as they can get very warm inside, even in cool weather. You may even be able to install fans for extra air conditioning. Also, look very carefully at a head or mask's eye holes, since you'll want your vision to be as clear as possible. Finally, check nose and mouth openings to make sure you'll be able to breathe easily and drink to stay hydrated.

What kinds of costume can you choose from?

When you're playing the Easter bunny, your imagination is the only limit, but it helps to have a costume that fits with your ideas. Some of the options you could consider are:

  • Classic cartoon: This is the wide-mouthed, buck-toothed rabbit you'll have seen on TV and in the cinema. The outfits are usually very soft and cute, with a cheerful grin.
  • Fairy tale: These outfits are a little more restrained, so look for neutral fur colours like brown and charcoal grey. You may also want to pick non-contrasting gloves and paws.
  • Glamorous: More suited to fancy dress parties for adults, these costumes may feature a short skirt such as a tutu. They usually look great in black with white accents.