Educational Number Toys

Educational number toys come in all shapes, sizes, colours and types. They are perfect for helping young children to learn to count, whilst having fun through play. There are number toys available which are suitable for children of all age-ranges, encouraging all children to enjoy using numbers and to love learning.

Number toys for 2 year olds and under

Get started early with number toys for 2 years old and under , include counting flash cards, number puzzle sets, abacus toys, puzzle clocks, magnetic numbers, counting games, number themed stacking blocks and even touchpads or tablets. These and many other toys for 2 years and under are available. They feature bright and colourful, attractive designs, which will grab any baby or toddlers attention.

Number toys for 3-4 year olds

For children of preschool age there are lots of slightly more advanced number toys to choose from. There is every kind of toy available, including number cards which teach basic addition, digit to image memory games, tell the time sets, wooden number sets with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division symbols and many, many other items.

Number toys for 5-7 year olds

Those children who are in their first years of school are catered for too, with lots of school age appropriate number toys which will challenge and encourage them as they learn more about arithmetic. These include toys such as the Number Ball multiplication table game, the Takes and Adders numeracy based Snakes and Ladders game, along with lots of other games and more advanced number flash card sets.

Number toys for all

Number toys can do more than just help a child learn to count. As they grow older they can help teach basic maths, a few more years and number toys can teach complex fractions and multiplication and division. There are also lots of games which are a little more complicated, but just as fun as those designed for younger school children, pre-school children, toddlers and babies.