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Prepare a Grand Feast With an Electric Cooker

A chef depends on a variety of tools to prepare delicious meals. An electric cooker can be central to that food preparation, with sauces boiling on the hob and a roast or bread baking in the oven. You can find a large selection of electric cookers, both new and used, in the eBay collection.

What types of electric cookers are available?

There are many types of cookers available to address different cooking needs.

  • Single-burner induction cooker: A single burner can be a helpful addition when the burners on the hob are full. It might also be useful in an office kitchen, which does not have a stove.
  • Pressure cooker: This is a kitchen device that uses the pressure of steam to cook foods faster. It is a great tool for quick preparation of rice, stews, and vegetables.
  • Rice cooker: This is a variation on the pressure cooker, but it is specifically designed for rice preparation.
  • Multi-burner stove with oven: This is a central kitchen appliance that is designed to prepare a full meal. Depending on the model, it will feature several burners and one or two ovens.
What are the features of full-size electric cookers?

Because almost every kitchen needs a stove, there are many models on the market. In the eBay collection, you will find cookers that range from basic to professional grade. Some of the features that can be found are:

  • Electric hob with four to six burners: Multiple burners means several dishes can be cooking at once.
  • Gas hob with multiple burners: Some professional models combine an electric oven with a hob and gas burners.
  • Electric oven: This is the standard device for baking and roasting. Some models have multiple oven spaces, so you can bake at different temperatures simultaneously.
  • Choice of surface: Models can be found with ceramic, stainless steel, and chrome outer surfaces.
  • Self-cleaning oven: A self-cleaning cycle saves you time and labour.
  • Digital clock and timer: A digital display can show the current time, oven temperature, or countdown to when the meal is ready.
What brands are available in this collection?

Many manufacturers produce electric cookers. Some of the brands available are:

  • Belling
  • Beko
  • Hotpoint
  • Rangemaster
  • Kenwood
  • KitchenAid
  • Brittanica
  • Delonghi
How do you choose an electric cooker?

Your choice of electric cooker depends on your cooking needs, level of expertise, and kitchen size. If you need a basic stove with hob and oven, the all-electric Rangemaster Classic 90 would be an appropriate style. If you prefer the control of gas burners, a cooker like the PRO 96MX by Delonghi, with a gas hob and electric oven, is a good choice. If your kitchen is smaller, a compact model like the Hotpoint HUE52GS, which combines two ovens, an electric hob, and only a 50cm width, may meet your needs.

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