Electro-acoustic guitars for every player

Ideal for those looking for louder, more full sound, electro-acoustic guitars fuse the traditional style of an acoustic guitar with the capabilities of an electric guitar. This combination creates an acoustic model with a powerful audio output. From guitars suited to beginners to those made for professional players, there are guitars for all types of players right here on eBay. 

Fender electro-acoustic guitars

Designed with the amazing electrics and quality materials typical of the brand, Fender electro-acoustic guitars are a great choice for any enthusiast. 

A Fender CD-60SCE is a great option. The solid spruce top is the perfect material for an acoustic guitar, working well with almost any playing style. Designed with rolled edges on the fingerboard, the neck offers an ergonomic grip so you can play for hours without discomfort. 

The dreadnought body shape ensures that all playing styles are catered to, whilst the black finish with a matching black pickguard and mother of pearl soundhole add a touch of style. 

An astounding Fishman preamp/pickup amplifies the beautiful acoustic tones without losing any richness, perfect for playing live. 

Yamaha electro-acoustic guitars

Or, go for a Yamaha electro-acoustic guitar if you're after a great all-rounder. The APX500IIIBL model introduces upgrades to one of Yamaha's best selling models. 

The thin body offers an ergonomic grip and unencumbered top-fret access, creating an easy to play model with an amazingly diverse range. 

An oval APX soundhole offers bold low-end tones, whilst the System 66 electric pickup offers true precision and power. 

Epiphone electro-acoustic guitars

Get yourself a limited edition Hummingbird Performer PRO, a bold Epiphone electro-acoustic guitar

The iconic Hummingbird model takes a step towards the modern ages with a Shadow's ePerformer preamp and a complementary NanoFlex pickup. This allows you to get an amazing audio output from this truly classic model.