Here's What You Should Know About Electro Voice Audio Equipment

Electro Voice is an American audio equipment manufacturer that specializes in creating equipment for touring musicians. The company makes microphones, portable speakers, and live sound array speakers, amplifiers and other components. You’ll find a wide assortment of newer and vintage Electro Voice speakers and microphones when you shop eBay. 

What products does Electro Voice manufacture? 

Electro Voice manufactures pro audio equipment as well as consumer electronics. The company’s pro audio solutions include:  

  • Commercial loudspeakers such as the EVID-C4.2LP
  • Live sound line array speakers like the X1-212/90
  • Live sound monitors such as the Xw12A
  • Live sound amplifiers like the Q1212
  • Wired and wireless microphones

On the consumer end, Electro Voice focuses on car stereo applications such as compact, portable loudspeakers that deliver high-quality sound. 

How do wireless microphones work? 

All microphones work by converting sound into a signal that’s transmitted to a sound system. Whereas older wired mikes converted sound into an electrical signal that was transmitted to the speakers by means of a cable, wireless mikes convert sound into radio signals. Radio receivers in the speakers then pick up these signals. 

What are line array loudspeaker systems? 

Line array loudspeakers are specially engineered to be used for large venues such as outdoor festivals or concerts in locations such as sporting arenas. They got their name because they feature nearly identical loudspeakers that are set up in a vertical line. This vertical arrangement permits sound waves to bounce off each other, which allows these sound waves to be heard from farther away so that there is sonic coverage across the entire venue. 

What are some characteristics of Electro Voice audio equipment? 

Electro Voice has a reputation for manufacturing audio components that are able to combine great sonic quality with compact size. Musicians who travel frequently from club to club don’t want to sacrifice sound quality for portability, so they need equipment that sounds great and gives good coverage over a wide area but that doesn’t take up a lot of room on a stage. Electro Voice equipment is also lightweight, so it can be set up at the beginning of the night and taken down at the end of a set with relative ease. 

Electro Voice audio components are known for their durability, too. They can stand up to the knocks and occasional drops that are part of every musical tour. 

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