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Find everything you would ever need with our comprehensive range of electronics. Shop for brand new 3D TVs, incredible speaker systems, the latest gaming consoles and the most recent smart devices.

The Smart Revolution

Shop for the latest and greatest smartphones alongside spare parts and accessories. For those looking for the most advanced devices, the new iPhone 8 utilises Apple’s simple yet functional design philosophy. For those wanting the next step in technology, the revolutionary iPhone X is available from 22nd September 2017. The edge-to-edge design and facial recognition technology is a first for the brand.Older, second hand or less connected devices are available for those not looking to break the bank. Step into the past with a Nokia 3310, a redesigned classic or go with a nearly new Samsung Galaxy S6.

Home Systems

Complete your home’s entertainment system by adding an updated speaker system from Sony, a brand new Toshiba 4K TV or advanced Samsung Blu-ray player. If you’re looking to buy a whole suit, refurbished, nearly new and second-hand items let you fully stock your entertainment system whilst keeping the cost down.

Powerful Laptops and Netbooks

Perfect for students, those who need to work on the go and even casual users, laptops let you work, watch and play from wherever you are. The latest MacBook Pro offers a touch bar above the keyboard and can come with 512GB of storage, perfect for those who need to keep various files to hand.The Dell Latitude works as a gaming laptop, giving you more than enough performance to carry out normal tasks with ease. Netbooks use mainly online storage, freeing up more space to enhance the performance.

Immersive Video Gaming

Find the latest gaming consoles, including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, alongside classic machines like the NES. Buy the latest releases for all consoles or enjoy a second hand older game - various PS1 games and SNES cartridges are available. Enhance your gaming experience by replacing that broken controller, outdated headset or missing charging cable. Accessory bundles include everything you’ll ever need - the Venom DSi pack includes multiple styluses, straps and cases to keep everything safe.