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Spoil Yourself with an Elo Touchscreen

An Elo touchscreen can offer you enhanced shopping, working, paying, and exploring experiences. The company makes touch-enabled monitors, signages, computers, components, point-of-sale systems, as well as other accessories, such as NFC readers and display stands. You can find a variety of Elo touchscreens on eBay.

What types of touchscreens does Elo make?

Elo makes touchscreen monitors with various video graphics for different purposes. Some of the different types of Elo touchscreen monitors are:

  • Standard-aspect ratio: Elo touchscreen monitors with a standard-aspect ratio come in 15, 17, and 19-inch screen sizes.
  • Wide-aspect ratio: The company offers a variety of wide-aspect ratio monitors with screen sizes ranging from 7-inches to 27-inches.
  • Medical-grade: Elo has touchscreen monitors dedicated for medical use, including 19-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch monitors.
What does an Elo POS system offer?

Elo POS (point-of-sale) systems can come with various processors and other specifications. Touchscreen displays come in 15, 17, and 20-inch sizes. The sleek and compact monitors have a spill-resistant sealing and come equipped with multiple output and input connections.

What is a self-ordering touchscreen?

A self-ordering touchscreen features interactive menu boards. When used in a restaurant, it can simplify the ordering process for your guests. If used effectively, they can help you streamline operations and increase sales. In addition, they can significantly save on time for your staff.

What is the Elo Edge Connect?

The Elo Edge Connect system allows you to use a wide range of peripherals with your system. You can seamlessly build a network of peripherals and connect them to your Elo touchscreen. Peripherals can be removed or added depending on your requirements, such as a magnetic stripe reader, collaboration tray, or a webcam. Some other peripherals include:

  • EMV cradle: A fully integrated Elo EMV cradle makes mounting an Elo touchscreen simple, secure, and seamless. The cradle can be attached to a stand or on the side of your display.
  • NFC: The Elo NFC mobile payment adapter can be used with any of their POS applications, without the need for external attachments or brackets.
  • Barcode scanner: In conjunction with an Elo touchscreen, a 2D barcode scanner can enhance price-checker and self-service applications. It deploys a system which enables companies to leverage brand messaging and aisle applications.
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