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Expand your Small Business Network with an Ethernet Switch

Improve the security of your network with one device. An Ethernet switch limits network access, so only trusted devices can receive or transmit data. Affordable options on eBay help you to restrict bandwidth and traffic at specific physical ports.

Is an Ethernet switch complicated to setup?

No. If you use an unmanaged switch you can avoid several technical considerations and gain enhanced connectivity for your business or residence. Several small businesses and residences use an Ethernet switch that comes in a plug-and-play format. Several options on eBay provide your network with Gigabit speeds. They do not have to be managed switches to deliver fast data transfer rates. Several are energy efficient. Many people who need an Ethernet switch for their home or office prefer the compact, quiet designs on eBay. You can get eight Gigabit ports in an unmanaged switch. Some vendors offer switches with up to 24 ports. Some of those ports may have PoE+ capabilities, allowing you to send data and receive power with the Ethernet cable.

Do unmanaged Ethernet switches offer additional features?

Yes. An unmanaged Ethernet switch can prioritise data packets according to importance. Time-sensitive requests receive the full network speed. This benefits online gamers and business people who are making VoIP calls. Several unmanaged switches help you to detect issues with your network. A cable diagnostics function lets you troubleshoot a problem with the cable, even without a lot of technical adjustments. This means small businesses enhance productivity by quickly solving connection issues. Small businesses that want to maximise their space can select switches that can be mounted on a wall.

  • Environmentally-conscious consumers benefit from switches that are Energy Star Level V rated.
  • A small Ethernet switch may comply with RoHS standards. This means the materials are reliable and safe.
  • Some switches are designed with environmentally-friendly Ethernet technology. They sense when a port is not being used and and power it down to save energy.
What speeds can you expect from an unmanaged Ethernet switch?

An unmanaged Ethernet switch provides great data transfer speeds for your small business or home network. Options on eBay often provide eight Gigabit Ethernet ports. Your team benefits from switching speeds of as much as 16 Gigabytes per second. The body of a switch is compact and since it is made of tough plastic, it will not be easily damaged. Fanless switches will not disturb you while you work.

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