Executive Toys & Gadgets

Executive Toys and Gadgets

Executive toys and gadgets are not only great gifts for a colleague, friend or partner but a great way to brighten up your desk. Executive toys and gadgets are small, quirky, fun and come in a fantastic variety of stress relieving, silly, playful, or useful designs.

Newtons Cradles

A Newtons cradle is a great addition to any desk. The rhythm of the balls is therapeutic, alleviating stress, and enabling clear thinking. Newtons cradles are available in a range of sizes, with great design features such as glow in the dark balls or funky curves.

Thinking Putties and Stress Balls

Think putties and stress balls are a great way to clear your mind and to channel your anger. Stress balls and putties are made of soft material that can be squashed, stretched, and pummelled time and time again.

Pin Art

There are numerous pin arts sets available. Pin art sets feature hundreds of blunted pins placed within a frame. You can make silly or intricate impressions on one side of the frame, and admire the interesting or daft images it creates on the other.

Mini-Drum Kits

Nothing beats stress like the thrashing of a drum kit. Table-top drum kits enable you to enjoy the same release without making the same level of noise or needing a large space. Table-top drum sets are small kits including bass drums, snare drums, cymbals and mini drum sticks.

Mini games

Mini games make fantastic birthday or Secret Santa gifts . More common mini games include golf, mini bowling sets, and mini pool tables. Mini golf sets are available in desktop sizes, or else are designed to fit around your chair or toilet.


There is a fantastic range of high tech mini drones available. Mini drones are available with wheels or rotor blades. Mini drones may include cool features like LED lights and HD cameras.