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Got one to sell?

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Farm Sprayers

From spot weeding to pest control on largest arable fields, farming has a wealth of jobs for sprayers – and in return, there's an equally abundant range of new and pre-owned spraying equipment to suit.

Sprayer Types

Farm sprayer range starts with low capacity, handheld, knapsack or wheeled sprayers which really are suited only to minimal spot spraying. Moving up in capacity and versatility are ATV and skid sprayers, tractor mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers and at the extreme opposite end of the sprayer scale, self-propelled sprayers.

Considerations When Buying Farm Sprayers

Your choice of sprayer is determined by several factors. For a start, the frequency and type of use must be determined. Then the type of chemical or chemicals that will be used, the versatility of the booms and the terrain over which spraying will take place.

Generally, spraying capacities increase along with boom width from ATV mounted to tractor mounted, to trailed to self-propelled sprayers. However, it's not always a logical choice to go bigger. For example, in some cases, farmers have opted for dual trailed sprayers rather than a single self-propelled sprayer, citing increased flexibility, productivity and versatility as the advantages.

Pre-Owned Equipment

With budgets squeezed across farming, pre-owned equipment can make good economic sense, and those seeking to save in this way will be delighted to find a vibrant, active marketplace. Savings can be made across the sprayer range, although tend to be more profound at the higher capacity end of the scale, especially in trailed and self-propelled sprayers.

Spares and Repairs

Sprayer nozzles including broadcast, boomless, banding, solid stream and misting, trailed sprayer tyres, hydraulic parts are just some of the range of spares available to help give almost any sprayer extra service life. Spares are sold separately whilst sprayer breakers can be contacted with specific make and model parts requests.

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