Fence posts for privacy and style

Fence posts can become damaged or degraded over time simply due to moisture, brittleness or everyday wear. Not only does a new individual or set of fence posts breath a whole new lease of life into your garden, you can also rest assured that your panels won't end up flat the next time bad weather hits. 

Wooden fence posts

Rustic and traditional in appearance, wooden fence posts are manufactured from tantalised and pressure-treated timber to keep them in tip-top condition. Wooden fence panels also lend themselves to being painted, so you can blend in your new posts with any existing ones. Available in a massive range of sizes, many circular style fence posts taper off to a spike at the bottom for easier insertion into the ground. 

Timber itself is also soft enough to easily drive in nails to hold them flush against the fence panels, and you can add a decorative finial on top too. Plus, as timber is made up of lots of natural colours, wooden fence posts add a lovely depth to the finished look. 

Concrete fence posts

Built to withstand years of weathering, concrete fence posts are incredibly tough and enduring. Ideal for sports pitches, children's playgrounds, and areas where you need to support much heavier or thicker fence panels, concrete fence posts really will stand the test of time. 

Reinforced with steel and with a slot which runs down the length of the post to support the entire edge of the fence panel, concrete fence posts usually come accompanied by a concrete kick board connecting each one at the bottom for extra security. 

Metal fence posts

Metal fence posts are ideal for public or sporting facilities, schools or other areas where toughness and reliability are key. Created from powder coated metal which is treated to withstand extreme weather and rust, metal fence posts can literally last decades and come in a large variety of colours and sizes.