Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners may seem like a pointless fad until you pick one up and play with it. Because once you do, you’ll never want to put it down again. Virtually unheard of not that long ago, they are now ubiquitous everywhere from the playground to the boardroom.

The idea is really simple; the fidget spinner consists of a central axle, around which the spinner spins. The central bearing is virtually frictionless, so the spin is smooth and lasts for a satisfyingly long time, even allowing you to do tricks with it while it spins.

The bearing can be ceramic, steel or chrome, while the spinner usually consists of three weighted arms that can be plastic, metal or virtually almost any other material.

As a rule, the higher the quality of the materials and the better the manufacturing, the more expensive the finger spinner will be. Most models cost just a few pounds, while the precision engineered versions can cost up to ten times more but will deliver a performance worthy of the price.

Despite the typically low prices, fidget spinners often include a surprising level of technology, with everything from flashing lights to BlueTooth speakers included in spinners costing just two or three pounds.

They also vary in shape and colour, ranging from blades to full circles. You can also get themed finger spinners featuring everything from Marvel characters to the Minions from the Despicable Me movies.

Some people have made claims that fidget spinners can help with the symptoms of conditions such as autism and ADHD. While there is currently no scientific proof, the anecdotal evidence is growing with many people reporting a calming effect, claiming that fidget spinners have helped them with focus and creativity.

Whether you see them as a serious stress buster or just a toy to fiddle with when you’re bored, fidget spinners are a fad that’s here to stay, so choose yours on eBay today.