Fine Diamond Rings

Fine Diamond Rings

Offering glamour and sophistication, fine diamond rings are a beautiful piece of jewellery that works as a stunning accessory. Fine diamond rings use the highest quality metals and designs to produce a high quality ring. Fine diamond rings make the ideal gift and are the traditional ring used for engagements and proposing.

Fine Diamond Ring Characteristics

In fine diamond rings, the diamond stone is typically set precious metal to form the ring such as gold, silver or platinum. You can choose your perfect fine diamond ring based on your preferences and how dense and durable you would like the ring to be.

Another consideration for purchasing a fine diamond ring is the colour of the diamond. Fine diamonds are rating on a colour scale, with D being the rating for a diamond that is completely colourless through to Z which has a slightly yellow or brown hue. Usually, diamonds come with a grading certificate so you know that your ring has been verified by an expert.

The colour grading will usually have an impact on price, with diamonds graded D, E and F generally being more expensive that lightly coloured S-Z grading. However, certain colours will suit certain metal types of the ring. For crisp, sharp platinum rings, the colourless diamonds work best, however for yellow and rose gold ring metals, a slightly coloured diamond works best.

Another factor to think about when buying a ring is the diamond cut. One that has been cut well will be luminous but one that has been cut poorly will have a dull appearance. Some of the most popular cuts of diamond include a princess cut, which is a square to allow the colour of the diamond the be the focus. Another popular form is a cushion cut which is a pillow shape and a pear-shaped cut which is a teardrop shape, ideal for a slender hand.