Fish Bowls

Fish bowls are often used for goldfish and are an inexpensive way of caring for fish. Bowls come in different shapes and sizes and they are typically round or square.

You will need to place any accessories inside before you add any fish.

Reasons to use a bowl

Fish bowls are often used instead of an aquarium. They are easy to set up and easy to clean, and they don't cost a lot to buy. They will need to be the right size, and with plants and accessories will be a nice environment for its inhabitant.

Fish bowls can be used for goldfish and bettas, snails, frogs and even plants. How you set up your bowl will depend on what you intend to keep in it.

Some tips for setting up a fish bowl

  • The bowl should be set up so it is not in direct sunlight and not anywhere where it gets cold
  • If you are setting it up for fish, don't use water straight from the tap. If you have to you can get tablets which have a chlorine neutraliser in them
  • Plants can be added to the tank. Live ones will help to release oxygen and also give the fish something to feed on
  • Gravel added to the bottom can help natural fungi to grow and gives the fish a place to rummage for food
  • Plastic decorations and stones will provide shelter for any animal you place in the bowl, but remember to cover the top so they can't get out. (And allow some air to get in)
  • Bowls will need to be cleaned regularly

You won't need much inside a fish bowl, no matter what you keep in it. Most decorations are inexpensive and last a long time. 

Accessories can be used to provide shelter or oxygen and to entertain the bowl’s inhabitants.