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Got one to sell?

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Fish and aquarium plastic plants for aquascaping

Choosing the right plastic plants for your marine or freshwater fish tank is important for the ongoing health and wellbeing of your fishy friends. Ideal for adding safe spaces for fish to hide, as well as creating an interesting underwater scene for you to enjoy, there's a huge range of aquarium supplies available all in one place here on eBay. 

BiOrb plastic plants

Whether you're looking for an individual plastic plant for your tank or you'd prefer to buy a couple in a pack, there's a great variety of BiOrb plastic plants. From very small plastic shrubs and flowers for mini tanks to large displays of plants and plastic coral designed for something a little bigger, each plant comes with a weighted base to keep it in place. They're also made from specially designed non-toxic materials so you don't need to worry about accidentally poisoning your fish either. 

Fluval plastic plants

Fluval plastic plants also come in a huge range of designs and sizes and are ideal for a large variety of tank sizes. Many plants are standalone, whilst others are part of a sculpture such as a ruined church or colosseum, and are also weighted down at the base so they don't float to the surface. Ideal for both cold water and tropical water fish, Fluval plastic plants are made from high-quality resin which is safe for all aquatic life. 

Mixed packs

Add a splash of colour and originality by choosing a cool mixed pack of plastic plants for your aquarium. Available in packs of around 10 pieces, each plant is between 5" and 8" tall so are particularly ideal for larger tanks. With deep purples, fiery oranges and bright green colours in a pack, they're simple to keep clean and won't break down like real plants can do. Plus they're also non-toxic so are safe for all types of marine life. 

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