Fishing Bivvies, Shelters & Umbrellas

Fishing Bivvies, Shelters & Umbrellas

Theres no guarantee that youll have good weather when youre fishing, so its best to be prepared for rain. Fishing bivvies, shelters and umbrellas all offer protection from wet weather, keeping both you and your gear dry. Whichever you choose depends on where youll be fishing and how long youll spend there. Luckily there are plenty of different options to help you decide.


Umbrellas for fishing tend to be large enough to accommodate between one and three people, perfect whether youre fishing alone or with friends. You can find many different styles from plain green umbrellas to camouflage options.

For very wet and windy weather, choose an umbrella that has extra material on the side as this will help to prevent rain from blowing underneath the canopy.


You can find different styles of shelter, one of the most common being a temporary pop up shelter with an open front that provides protection from the rain and wind. The opening at the front allows you to keep an eye on your line.

The greatest benefit of choosing a shelter rather than an umbrella is that you dont have to hold a handle as you do with an umbrella. You can also tuck your fishing gear away at the back of the shelter to protect it from the rain.

Fishing Bivvies

You can find a whole range of different types of fishing bivvies and the one that you choose will depend on the location of where youll be fishing as well as other needs. Pop up bivvies are very quick and simple to erect, which is ideal when you want to maximise the time spent fishing. If youre near still water with lots of flying insects then a bivvy with a mosquito net will help to keep out any biting bugs.

If the weather is very wet, then choosing a fishing bivvy with a groundsheet will provide a little more protection to any of your gear on the ground. It will also stop the ground beneath where you are sleeping from turning to mud in wet conditions.

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