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Fishing Rod Case

Fishing rod cases are available in a huge range of styles. This includes sleeves, socks, tubes, strong cases and even waterproof alternatives. Fishing rod cases can carry a varying amount of rods, ranging from one to six. Brands include Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn and more.

Rod and Reel Cases

Rod and reel cases are designed to protect both the rod and the fly reel. They can accommodate a number of rods and are often very slim and easy to carry around. Rod and reel cases are available in different sizes, colours and designs so the angler can easily customise it to meet their needs.

Fishing Rod Solid Cases

Solid cases have rigid tubes that help to protect the rod and the guides. They have a padded interior lining and some come complete with a lined reel compartment as well. It is a known fact that some solid cases have ID windows which enable the angler to apply name tags to their reels and rods. Solid cases do tend to cost more, however, the durable construction ensures that your rod is fully protected and that it is waterproof. Solid cases can last for years without showing any signs of wear.

Fishing Case Organisers

Organisers tend to be much bigger when compared to solid cases/reel and rod cases. Rods are stored on the outside of the case and straps are normally used to hold them in place. The interior compartments are used to store extra reels, equipment and any additional tackle. Organisers are ideal for anglers who plan to do different types of fishing in one day, and for those who need a single carry case to store all of their equipment. Organisers do not protect the rod as much as interior storage cases however they are very lightweight and easy to transport.

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