Fishing Rods & Poles

Feeder and Picker Fishing Rods

Providing you with a comfortable and sturdy rod that helps in supporting every line you cast, feeder and picker fishing rods are a popular choice for anyone interested in fishing. With plenty of rods to choose from, ranging in features and designs from reputable companies such as Daiwa, Drennan and Preston, you wont be stuck for choice. Whichever you choose, youll be delighted with the high quality attributes these rods can offer you.

If you are a seasoned fishing pro, opt for a specialist rod to catch some of your favourite fish such as carp, barbel or bream. Of course, catching these fish species would depend on the environment in which you choose to fish in.

Picker fishing rods

Picker fishing rods are ideal rods for catching small and medium sized fish. They have been designed to offer a high quality, commercial standard fishing rod that can be used by all fishermen worldwide. They have a two piece assembly and a sensitive tip, which is perfect for catching good sized carp and fishing in harsh conditions. Most of these types of rods are lightweight and therefore allow you to spot the more delicate bites, leading to overall fishing success.

Feeder fishing rods

If youre looking to catch fish at the bottom of a lake or river then youll need a feeder fishing rod. The feeder rods are not only simple to use but also offer a highly effective and accurate method of getting your bait out to the fish that may be usually out of reach.

Team your feeder rod with a mould to help create a hook bait that when surrounded by free helpings proves irresistible for many species of fish. There are also a range of feeder fishing accessories such as reels, floats and artificial baits that you can experiment with using once youve chosen the ideal rod for you.


The fishing rods that are available for you to choose from offer a good amount of grip, which is important to ensure you have full control of the line once it is cast in the water. When fishing a long and deep line to the bottom of the water, it is important that you have full control the whole time to avoid getting your line caught particularly on the bottom of the bed and to be able to feel those all important fish bites. By having a non-slip, grip handle on your fishing rod, you can ensure a comfortable and safe cast every time.

There is lots of choice when it comes to choosing your feeder or picker fishing rod. The most important element is to find a fishing rod that you feel comfortable with, matching your ability and fishing style to ensure your next fishing adventure is a success!