Fitness Tech

Never has wearing fitness tech been so popular. Nearly everyone you know seems to be wearing some sort of fitness tracker and that's doesn't include the people you see regularly at the gym.

Different types of fitness tech

Whether it's just a straightforward fitness pedometer to record your step count each day, or you want to check your heart rate and record your stats with the most advanced GPS fitness tracker , there's a piece of technology to suit you.

Pedometers have an LCD screen showing your step count and, depending on the model you buy, can give you other information such as the number of calories you've used. Choose from designs you can wear on your wrist like a watch, clip onto your belt or just put in your pocket.

Fitness activity trackers can do all sorts of things depending on the type that you invest in. In addition to counting your steps, your fitness tracker can double as a wristwatch, heart rate monitor and even as a GPS tracker, so that you know exactly where you've been. Choose your favourite colour to coordinate with your outfit too. Then you can sync your fitness tracker with your smartphone or your tablet, allowing you can see all the data it has logged about your daily activity.

Some fitness trackers even tell you how much sleep you've had, although you do need to have worn it all night for this functionality to work.

Don't forget to regularly charge your fitness tracker, ensuring you are continually tracking your movements and ready for that run when you choose.

Choose your fitness tech to suit your level of activity. It's a really useful piece of kit if you're trying to lose weight or just raising your fitness level or, ultimately, training for your next race. Fitness tech bands and trackers are produced by a wide range of brands including Garmin , TomTom and FitBit.