Refresh your floors with fitted carpets and underlay

Give your home a new look with some fitted carpets from this great range, and make them easy to install by selecting the perfect carpet underlay too. Whether you're looking for something brightly coloured or neutral, you're sure to find the perfect carpets and rugs for your home right here on eBay. 

Fitted carpets

Fitted carpets are a great alternative to rugs as they are non-slip and can also completely cover unsightly floors. Having a fitted carpet in your home also helps to absorb noise and conserve heat, making your home both peaceful and cosy. 

Perfect for the living room or bedroom, you can find a fitted carpet in the perfect colour to match your interior decor. If you love keeping your colour palette light and neutral, look out for fitted carpets in ivory, beige, light grey or cream to create a feeling of tranquillity and space. 

Or, if you're looking for a fitted carpet that will inject some bold colour into your rooms, go for vibrant hues like purple, pink, blue or red for something really eye-catching. You could even go bold with a patterned fitted carpet. Pick out subtle stripes in various shades, or go for unusual, abstract geometric patterns. 

Fitted carpets also come in various textures, so you can get just the right feel for your home. From thick and soft to woven styles, you're sure to come across the perfect textured carpets for you. 

Fitted carpet underlay

To make laying your carpet easy, you could also select some fitted carpet underlay from this range. Available in varying thicknesses, carpet underlay is an essential first step to laying a new fitted carpet. With extra insulating capabilities, an underlay will help you get the most from your fitted carpet, while also adding an extra layer of soft material to make your carpets extra comfortable.