Choose Fletcher Boats for Speed and Comfort

Fletcher speed boats are used recreationally for cruising. You can also use them for racing and surface water sports such as wakeboarding and water skiing. eBay offers a range of Fletcher speed boats in different dimensions and materials.

What materials are used to make Fletcher boats?

Most Fletcher speed boats are made of fibre-reinforced plastic (fibreglass). Some fletcher speed boat models are made of aluminium or steel. Fletcher fibreglass boats are built using a precise female mould, which is a negative of the deck, hull, and component shape. A thick layer of gel coat and several layers of fibreglass cloth are applied inside the female mould. This is then thoroughly saturated with vinyl ester, polyester, or epoxy resin.

How to trailer a Fletcher speed boat

Use a boat trailer when you want to carry, retrieve, and launch your Fletcher boat. To trailer your Fletcher speed boat, align the trailer hitch and ball. Lower the hitch down over the ball, then close the catch and insert the safety pin. Take the safety chains and cross them before attaching them to your vehicle. Lastly, attach the safety line to your tow vehicle if your boat trailer has brakes.

Fletcher speed boat models

There are various Fletcher speed boat models available on eBay: They include:

  • Fletcher GTO: A speed boat with a fast, sleek hull. It's slightly narrow and has a deep-vee hull design. This allows the speed boat to grip the water as you are powering through turns. Fletcher GTO comes in different versions.
  • Fletcher Faro: A powerboat suitable for watersports, sport fishing, and cruising. You can tow this boat with a saloon car, and it's easy to launch. The caddy of this model comes with two berths.
  • Fletcher Arrowstreak 17 GTS: A speed boat that comes with a back seating. There are also different versions of this model available such as Fletcher Arrowstreak 17 GTS and Fletcher Arrowstreak 19 GTS. Other available Fletcher speed boat models include Fletcher Arrow speed boat, Fletcher Arrowhawk, and Arrowflyte Fletcher Arrowshaft.
Are there maintenance requirements of a Fletcher boat?

Yes. Regular Fletcher boat maintenance will extend the lifespan of your boat and prevent repairs. Change your Fletcher boat's oil at least once a year or every 100 hours of operation. Wash and wax your speed boat regularly to prevent the fibreglass gel coat from oxidising and turning chalky. Use cleaners and soaps specifically made for speed boats to protect your Fletcher boat’s finish. Ultimately, flush your engine after using your speed boat in saltwater.