Floats & Rafts

Floats and rafts are designed for having fun in the swimming pool without having to swim to stay afloat. 

There are many different types of floats available, ranging from novelty animal-shaped floats to the simple rubber ring. Some are built for individuals, while others are designed to be used by more than one person at a time.

Differences between floats and rafts

  • Floats – These are generally designed for one person, such as the classic rubber ring. They are also found in novelty designs such as animals and birds.
  • Rafts – The classic lilo shape is the main example of a floating raft. Often these are designed for use by more than one person, and may be made up of multiple individual rafts that can be attached together

Types of floats and rafts

  • Lilo – The classic lounge shape can be seen at beaches and swimming pools everywhere. They are often used as a type of mattress for lounging around the pool out of the water
  • Rubber ring – Another classic shape that is widely recognisable. Like a large tyre, they are designed for either sitting inside of or holding on to as you float in the pool. Many varieties come with handles attached for ease of use
  • Swan shape float – This bird shape lends itself perfectly to being an inflatable floating device, adding the extra element of a swan’s neck and sometimes wings to the classic rubber ring shape
  • Animal float – As well as the bird shapes, there are other novelty animal shapes that are used for floats and rafts, including lobsters, horses and even unicorns
  • Attachable rafts – A collection of individual floats that can be attached together to form a larger raft for multiple people to use at the same time

Maintaining your floats and rafts

Floats and rafts are often very delicate as they can easily sustain a puncture. For them to last longer, it is important that you maintain and care for them with regular use. 

  • They can be cleaned by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth
  • Puncture repair kits are available should you need to mend your favourite pool accessory.