Flower & Plant Pots, Baskets & Window Boxes 

Flower and plant pots, baskets and window boxes are the ideal choice for homeowners with limited outdoor space to grow and cultivate plants, trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables. 

Items such as window boxes may make urban gardening easier. 

Different Types Of Flower Plant Pots, Baskets And Window Boxes

  • Planters - available in a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, wood, terracotta and resin. Planters provide a wide range of growing options for gardeners to choose from, including novelty options. Types of planters include plain coloured pots, decorated metal pot sets, shaped novelty pots, wooden box planters, trugs, ceramics, tins and urns
  • Pots - commonly made from clay, metal, terracotta and plastic. Pots come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and some may be designed to attach to the wall. Some pots are decorated, some are plain, some are clear so that the roots of the plant can be seen
  • Baskets - flower baskets and their accessories are commonly made from metal, plastic, wood, wicker or fabric. Troughs, gift baskets, wheelbarrow planters, hanging baskets, bird cage planters and large decking planters are all available
  • Trays - available in a range of materials including plastic, metal, terracotta and wood. Certain trays may be designed to aid with a transitional period of a plant's growth. Choose from gift sets, raised beds, caddies, wooden stair planters, hanging baskets and display trays.
  • Tall Planters - choose from plastic, terracotta, metal and wood. Tall planters are ideal for larger plants, shrubs or trees. Multi-level planters are suitable for housing numerous planters.

The Benefits Of Flower Plant Pots, Baskets & Window Boxes

  • Planters provide easy gardening and maintenance for homeowners with limited outdoor space or those without a garden
  • Garden owners are able to enjoy the pleasing aesthetic created by a range of different planters available to use in their outdoor space
  • Planters and hanging baskets may aid the growth of fruit or vegetables, supplying homeowners with home grown produce
  • Planters and hanging baskets provide a home for plants which then go on to support wildlife