One of the oldest instruments in the woodwind families, flutes require no reed and are played by air travelling across the lip plate. Here on eBay, you can find a wide selection of flutes from leading music brands including Yamaha, Trevor James and Pearl and in range of different materials including silver and wood. Whether you're an experienced flute player, looking to learn or simply want to expand your collection, choose from a wide range of flutes to suit your musical requirements.

Different types of flutes

There are 3 main types of flute, Concert, Alto and Bass flutes. Ideal for beginners and the main instrument in the flute family, Concert flutes are the most common type of flute. Bass flutes are typically used once a musician has learnt to master the concert flute and plays in the key of G, producing a lower sound compared with concert flutes. The headjoint is typically curved to make it slightly easier to play. Large in size, Alto flutes create a low pitch sound and require a high level of skill to play. They are often used in orchestras to provide a larger, deeper sound.


Flutes are generally silver plated and made from nickel silver or sterling silver. Certain models are made from solid silver and these are known to produce a lighter and brighter sound. For beginners or children, plastic flutes are a great option as they are lighter and more durable.


To keep your flute in the best condition and to enhance your playing experience, choose from a range of accessories such as silver polishing cloths, gauze cloths as well as flute stands to keep your instrument secure when it is not in use. For extra protection and great for those who are often on the go, choose a flute that comes with a case.