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Fluval Aquarium Lighting and Hoods

Fluval are a leading manufacturer of aquarium equipment from tanks to decorations and gravel. They manufacture lighting and hoods to help create the right atmosphere in different types of tank. 

A lighting hood can be used to create light from across the top of the tank. Bulbs can be placed inside the tank so you can use them to get the right result.

Different types of bulb

There are several types of aquarium light bulb to choose from, depending on your needs:  

  • Actinic - a good choice for getting to the bottom of a bigger or deeper tank, these bulbs are sometimes sold as 50/50 bulbs
  • Full spectrum - give out a light which is similar to natural daylight
  • Colour enhancing - bulbs can also be actinic or daylight. They bring out the natural colour in a tank and can be used in freshwater or saltwater tanks
  • Fluorescent - the most commonly used bulbs for fresh and saltwater aquariums. These bulbs can be used to create different wattages and intensities of light
  • Incandescent - produce heat so they are not often used, except in small aquariums as a heat and light source
  • Power compact - popular bulbs for aquariums. They are high-powered and versatile and come in straight-pin, square-pin and a self-ballasted screw-in varieties
  • LED - becoming increasingly popular thanks to being highly energy efficient and long-lasting. They give the tank a shimmering appearance, and create an effect which is helpful for nocturnal fish and mammals

Why you need aquarium lighting

Lighting does more than just allow you to see what's happening in your aquarium and bring out the colours of the fish. 

If you have live plants, the right lighting can create photosynthesis and so create energy and oxygen in the tanks. 

Lighting can also effect the behaviour of fish and can be important for their general health and well-being.

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