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Fly Fishing Line, Leaders and Tippets with Sinking

There is a wealth of fishing gear and tackles available and many things will determine the equipment you need. This includes whether you've chosen fly or coarse fishing, what type of fish you're intending to catch, where you're fishing, your own level of experience, the type of rod you're using and so on. Fly fishing lines, sinkers and tippets with sinking equipment are a vital part of the fishing experience.

What are leader and tippets?

The leader is the bit of material that you use to connect your fly to your fly fishing link and it can be made of one or more sections. The tippet is the bit at the very end of your leader, which actually attaches to your fly of choice. The length of your leader and its diameter will depend on what kind of fish you're wanting to catch as well as the water conditions. In order to find the right fishing lines, leaders and tippets you need to understand what they are used for.

Types of fly fishing lines

There are three basic types of fly line to choose from and they affect how well your rod casts. There are double-taper lines which are tapered at front and back and have the same thickness of line between the two tapers. Weight-forward lines are the most popular with fly fishers and great for getting distance with your cast. Finally, there are shooting heads, which are generally more popular with those using double-handed rods.

There are different weights of fly fishing line available and what you buy will be determined by the weight of line that your rod requires to give you the most bend when you're casting.

If you're going saltwater fly fishing, then there are fly-fishing lines suitable for either cold water or tropical saltwater. Tropical saltwater lines however, are not suitable for using in UK Saltwater.

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