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Folding Chairs

Ideal for temporary seating in a variety of situations and events, folding chairs are easy to store away, which is great if you are limited on storage space. They provide durable seating that can be transported with minimum hassle or fuss. Folding chairs are available in a range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, fabric and faux leather.


Durable and inexpensive, wood naturally matches almost any décor. Available in a range of styles, colours and wood types, wood has been a popular choice for chairs of all types for millennia. Wooden folding chairs tend to be heavier than metal or plastic, but they are a durable and attractive option for permanent or semi-permanent seating.


Also relatively inexpensive and highly durable, metal is a material that is widely available. Metals such as aluminium are extremely light, making aluminium folding chairs both cheap and extremely portable. Heavier metals such as steel or iron are also good choices for more semi-permanent seating, but they can be tough to lug around.


One of the most common materials for folding chairs, plastic, like wood and metal, is inexpensive. Plastic is very easy to clean and can come in almost any shape, style or colour. It is light and relatively durable, as well as being water resistant.


Perhaps the most comfortable, but least durable types of seating, fabric is susceptible to wear and tear. However, as it is the most comfortable seating option, it is a good trade off for those who value comfort in their seating.

Faux leather

Like fabric, faux leather folding chairs are very comfortable, but they are also more resistant to general wear and tear. Faux leather is also waterproof and easy to clean with none of the upkeep required associated with real leather.


Choosing a folding chair depends primarily on its purpose. If deploying hundreds for an event or moving them from place to place, lightweight materials must take precedence. For permanent or semi-permanent use such as in kitchens or offices, a heavier, more attractive material can be used. Make your choice based on your intended use and you will get many years from your chosen furniture.

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