Food Processors

This handy kitchen appliance is ideal for preparing a host of meals from sauces to soups, plus plenty of other tasty treats. Many food processors come with powerful functions to crush a range of foods from large items to softer foods such as fruit for smoothies and juices.

Food processors are easy to use and set up and are available in a range of top brands including Bosch, Kenwood, Magimix and KitchenAid plus many others. You'll find a variety of full sized and mini food processors suitable for your food preparation requirements plus many new, used and refurbished models to suit a range of budgets.

Processing Features

Many food processor models have a range of functions and features to make food preparation simple and fast. There is everything from chopping, slicing, kneading and extracting plus many other helpful functions to make a range of delicious meals. Most models also have variable speed settings plus interval features so you can prepare food precisely according to recipes. The blades are sharp and can easily cut through soft and harder food including nuts and meat. You are also able to crush ice with ease.

A Range Of Designs

Choosing the ideal appliance to fit with your kitchen interior and style couldn't be easier with the extensive range of food processors available. There are a variety of colours and sizes for easy storage or countertop aesthetics. Popular colours include silver, black and white but there is also a host of vibrant shades to add a touch of individual style to your kitchen.

Food Processor Accessories

Many food processors come with accessories and extras to make food preparation super simple. You'll find bundles that offer a multifunctional appliance including mixing bowls, whisking functions, french fries slicer, liquidiser lids and fruit presses. A food processor with a chopper attachment is an easy and quick way to chop up vegetables. Some models also provide a carry case for all your food processor accessories.

Top Products in Food Processors

  • Philips 750 W Kitchen Food Processor Hr7761 01 With Accessories for 28 Functions
  • Bosch MCM3100WGB Multitalent 3 Compact Food Processor 700w 2 Speed Settings
  • Kenwood FDP301WH Multipro Compact Food Processor White, 800 Watt, 2.1L
  • KitchenAid 5KFP0925 2.1L/710ml 240W Food Processor Red (5KFP0925EER)
  • Ninja NJ1002UKBK 5 Speed Professional Stackable Chopper Black
  • Mini Food Chopper Processor Electric Mixer Blender 200w VonShef
  • Magimix 4200xl BLENDERMIX Food Processor Cream 950w Plus Extras
  • Magimix 3200XL 650W 1L 2 Speed Food Processor White (18360)
  • Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro BFP800UK 3.7 L Food Processor Silver
  • Kenwood FDP301SI Multipro Compact Food Processor Silver
  • Aicok 1.8 L 500W Compact Electric Food Processor Black
  • Tefal DO824H40 Double Force Pro Food Processor 1000w 3l
  • Kenwood Multipro FDM781BA 6.3 Cups Food Processor
  • Bosch MCM68861GB Food Processor Dark Grey
  • Kenwood FPM910 16.9 Cups Food Processor
  • Andrew James AJ001272 250W Mini Chopper
  • LINKChef FC 5140 1.2L Food Processor
  • Kenwood FP196 2 Cups Food Processor
  • Kenwood CH180A Mini Chopper White
  • VonShef 13 295 1000W Food Processor