Food Trucks and Concession Trailers Are a Good Investment

In today's gig economy, many people are looking for ways to earn extra income or become their own boss. Having a catering trailer or catering van is a great way to start a small business without having to invest a lot of money upfront. An inexpensive burger van for sale is a good deal if you find a used food truck, especially if it has all the equipment you need.

What types of food trucks for sale are there?

There are several types of catering food units which can be mobile or not. These are the four main types that people most often use for their catering stands:

  • Motorised van - A motorised van or food truck is a motorised vehicle that can be moved from site to site. They are very convenient because they can be moved and set up quickly, even to different areas on the same day.
  • Towed trailer - A trailer is a mobile catering unit that can be towed to different locations. Moving a catering trailer is a little more involved than moving a van or truck, as it requires a second towing vehicle. However, a trailer is larger than a van and is usually less expensive to purchase.
  • Food cart - A food cart can be moved by hand for short distances or placed in a trailer and towed. It has the advantage of putting you up-close and personal with the customers.
  • Stall or stand - A food stand is a stationary food stand that is set up on a site and left there for an extended length of time. It is relatively inexpensive and is conveniently stocked.
What safety features should you look for in a food truck?

Your food preparation equipment has to be legally certified as safe to use. Gas appliances must be CE certified and have a flame failure device. You'll also want to ensure the food truck has proper ventilation, drainage, and running water. When you find a used or new food truck for sale, remember to check the equipment for certifications.

Types of speciality concession stands

You can set up any type of food or beverage catering truck as a theme that you are passionate about. Burger vans have been popular for years, and recently mobile coffee vans have become popping up. Finding used burger vans for sale or even coffee vans for sale is fairly easy and can be a good investment. Fish and chips, hot dogs, tacos, and many ethnic foods are popular themes, and it is not hard to find pre-owned coffee vans or other types of catering trailers that are already set up and stocked for your particular business idea.