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Fragrances for Women

From everyday wear to special occasions, women's fragrances can help to lift a mood, create a captivating aroma and will often be chosen to match your personality or the type of event it is being worn for.

To help find the right fragrances for women, scents will often describe the style of aroma, which can usually be defined by the following categories; floral, woody, fresh, oriental and fougere (a French word meaning ‘fern'). Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of women's fragrances from leading brands including Chanel, Calvin Klein, Jo Malone and Thierry Mugler.

Different Types of Women's Fragrance

Offering a fragrance concentration of 15% to around 40% or sometimes 50%, parfum is the most powerful strength and usually, this means it will last for longer than other fragrance. Parfum, when applied to the skin, will typically last for around 6-8 hours of wear. Due to the high levels of fragrance concentrations, parfum tend to be more expensive than other types of fragrance.

Eau de Parfum has a lower level of fragrance concentration compared to parfum and, as a result, is generally cheaper. Eau de parfum will typically last for around five hours of wear. As it has a lower fragrance concentration, it will usually contain a higher level of alcohol than parfum which may not suit sensitive skin.

Popular Eau de Parfums include Chanel No 5, Miss Dior and Paco Rabanne Lady Million.

Eau de Toilette is considered the most popular fragrance type. It has a fragrance concentration around 5-15%, because of this, it is usually cheaper than Eau de parfum. Once applied to the skin, the scent will usually last up to three hours.

Typically, Eau de Cologne has a concentration of 2-4% and will usually come in larger bottles as more fragrance needs to be applied. Usually, Eau de Cologne is the cheapest form of fragrance due to the lower concentration and the higher levels of alcohol.

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