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Fruit & Nut Pickers

Picking ripe fruit and nuts from trees can be easy when at eye-level, but tall trees or awkward angles can often pose challenges. 

Whether it’s a tough branch or a hard-to-reach piece of fruit, fruit and nut pickers are the ideal piece of equipment to give you a helping hand.

Designed to simplify the picking process, pickers come with a washable bag to catch the fruit and nuts, and are often found in three styles:

  • Blades/teeth – These sharp blades seamlessly remove the fruit for you and are the most common models available
  • Mesh metal – A claw-like shape cuts off the fruit, landing safely in the mesh cage for you to collect
  • Trigger pickers – With the use of a trigger, sharp pincers open and close to snip off the fruit, gently dropping into the collection bag

Fruit and nut pickers also come in different sizes:

  • Hand pickers – These are perfect for those smaller trees at hands-reach
  • Telescopic pickers – Ideal for those hard to reach spots, the telescopic pickers extend and lock to fit the desired length you require

Why are pickers so popular?

With different shapes and sizes available, there are a few reasons for their popularity:

  • They provide convenience – A semi-automated process, reducing the amount of work involved
  • Speed – Precision cut, meaning less time is required
  • No ladders – Pickers can be the safer option, especially when working with heights, or fruits that can be tough to collect
  • No bruising – Most pickers make use of a washable and interchangeable bag to safely collect your fruits or nuts

 Additional items to assist in your picking

  • Fruit picker ring – Adjustable ring with a sharp cutter to help pick fruits quicker and easier
  • Berry pickers – Specifically designed to aid in the picking of berries for the smoothest experience possible
  • Garden carts – Safely transport large amounts of fruits or nuts with ease with the use of an easy-to-pull cart.
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