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Fujifilm Camera Flash

Whether you want to use mounted on camera or externally, Fujifilm camera flash products come in many different styles. Each flash is designed to create a different flash of light, helping to enhance the photography you create and add a dash of light to each image.

Shoe Mount Camera Flash

Ideal for professional and amateurs looking to experiment with different kinds of photography, shoe mount camera flashes attach to a camera's hot shoe and are compatible with various Fujifilm models. External camera flashes of this kind help to dramatically improve the quality of images taken and are almost always a lot more powerful than the on-board flash system provided with most cameras.

Fujifilm flashes can also be attached via a flash sync cord , allowing you to arrange the flash in other positions, or shoot the light from different angles adding other elements to your photographs.

Light from an on-board camera flash travels directly to the subject in question and back again which can cause harsh shadowing. In contrast, external flashes allow you to direct exactly where and how you want the light to travel. This helps to create beautiful, natural-looking photography with subtler tones and finer details. Fujifilm offer a wide range of flashes of this type.

The guide number (GN) differs from flash to flash, but essentially this describes the intensity of the flash explaining the maximum illumination it can provide. The higher the number, the more powerful the flash.

Speedlight Camera Flash

Speedlight flashes for Fujifilm devices can be used both on and off camera and are ideal for a wide range of photographic situations such as wildlife and wedding photography.

External lighting solutions help to brighten your photos by using light that's not available naturally. Small external flash units of this kind vary in size, but all work to control the intensity and direction of light to create stunning visual effects. They typically work over longer distances than built-in flash options and can be triggered without being attached to a camera. Flashes of this kind are also much more portable than other lighting sources.

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