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Keep your garden hydrated with garden hoses

Whether its for light or daily use, a garden hose needs to be secure enough to reduce the risk of leaks and offer a good amount of flexibility, preferably without kinks blocking the flow of water. Big names like Hozelock and Draper are joined by unbranded garden hoses in producing good quality, kink resistant hoses for either household or commercial uses. Reinforced, heavy duty hoses are ideal for yard work or building sites where machinery or mechanical equipment might damage an ordinary hose. There are even special, brightly coloured hoses designed for maximum visibility so there is a reduced chance of injury or damage. 

Expanding and flexible hoses

For long gardens in particular expanding hoses can stretch for a long distance without losing pressure, and retract to their original much smaller size after use. Often called a ‘magic hose, these flexible expanding hoses are ideal for moving around a garden or manoeuvring the hose into tight or difficult spaces where a traditional rigid hose pipe might not fit so well. 

There are many length ranges available, for example, 50m or 100ft options for different uses. Flexible hoses are also handy for running through the house when washing the car or house windows, as it can be trailed around corners or up a flight of stairs with relative ease. 

Specialist garden hose sets

Hose storage is a common concern and retractable and coil hoses help to reduce these worries by helping to store a hose in a safer way. Complete hoses kits commonly come with a sprinkler head supplied as a standard accessory, with a trigger handle to stop and start the flow, conserving water as it is only spraying when needed. For submersion in a garden pond, there are special hoses designed for pond pumps that can be left in the water safely, often black so that they are imperceptible once submerged. 

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